Marco from The Publican

How long have you worked at The Publican? 

I’ve worked here since 2008.

Oh! 2008? 

Yes, October 19, 2008. 

How did you start working here? 

I started as an SA. It means ‘server assistant.’ I’ve worked as a busboy and a food runner.

What’s your favorite dish at The Publican?

The chicken, the Farm Chicken with summer sausage. 

What do you like to do on your off days? 

On a day off, I like to go downtown and go window shopping.

What’s your favorite store? 

Right now, Gucci. I really like Michigan Ave and I really like to go to Starbucks and relax with some coffee or hot tea. On a warm day, I like to go to the park in the Gold Coast, near Nico. 

I hear you have a lot of dogs?!

Yes! I have 5 dogs, Bichon Frises. The mommy is Sophie and I have four of her puppies. They’re really nice. I love them and I think they love me. They’re very fun! I like going on walks with them. 

Do you go to the dog park with them? 

Yes. They also like to bark a lot, but they’re nice and fun. 

How did you end up with them? 

I got the mom first from Kankakee. I have allergies and they’re hypoallergenic.

Did you have dogs when you were growing up? 

No, Sophie was my first dog. 

So it must be going well since you have 5 now?!