Publican Tavern

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Publican Tavern
Terminal 3
Chicago O'Hare Airport

Publican Tavern lends the perfect backdrop for travelers seeking a quick snack before takeoff or guests with time to enjoy a leisurely breakfast, lunch or dinner. The restaurant integrates the same pioneering philosophy and approach to creating unique dishes that have led The Publican’s original Fulton Market District location to capture the minds, mouths, and stomachs of Chicago’s in-the-know restaurant-goers.
With a focus on seasonality and quality sourcing, Publican Tavern’s approachable menu offers an array of sandwiches and salads, as well as a thoughtful selection of craft beer and wine. Set in an old-world influenced yet modern space, Publican Tavern’s attention to food and beverage is matched only by its warm and welcoming hospitality.